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Upcoming Events

Typically RETI hosts a FREE Workshop every Monday at 2 PM EST & a FREE Webinar every Wednesday at 4 PM EST, Plus 1 Master Class (paid) each month!

Jun 14
Creating Your AI Avatar

Learn how to create an avatar with your face & voice that can then create content in your likeness anytime!

June 14th @ 4 PM EST
Instructor: Craig Grant

Jun 21
How MLS Consolidation
Will Position You for Success!

Mergers & acquisitions are typically bad words, but in this session we will explore how & why they can be a big plus for your business

June 21st @ 4 PM EST
Instructor: Warren Dow
Special Guest:Hayden Rieveschl of Ocuself

Jun 28
Mastering the TikTok Editor

Learn how to create cool & innovative posts with music, sound effects, & more with TikTok's editor.

June 28th @ 4 PM EST
Instructor: Heather Haase

July 5
Jul 12
Stop Generating Leads &
Start Working Your Database

Learn how to maximize your most valuable asset, your database & sphere in this incredible session.

July 12th @ 4 PM EST
Instructor: Brandon Doyle
Special Guest: Eric Stegemann, from TRIBUS

July 19
5 Free Tech Tools to Build Your Brand

Gift time, as Alex is going to share 5 of his favorite free tools for brand building!

July 19th @ 4 PM EST
Instructor: Alex Camelio

July 26
Using Data to Find Leads

Learn how to find potential buyer and seller clients hiding in plain site in the data!

May 10th @ 4 PM EST
Instructor: Craig Grant
Special Guest: Trevor Lohrke of PropStream

Aug 2
Getting to Know Your Instagram

Instagram is the 2nd most popular social media network & has many advantages for real estate. In this webinar, Heather will show you why & go over the basics of IG

Instructor: Heather Haase
August 2nd @ 4 PM EST

Aug 9
Real Estate 2.0 - Fueling Real Estate Success with Strategic Marketing

Learn how to leverage modern digital marketing techniques to dominate your local market in 2023 & beyond!

August 9th @ 4 PM EST
Instructor: Warren Dow

Aug 16
Leveraging Technology to Gain
Market-Dominating Publicity

Learn how to become the trusted industry expert or resource of your local media & gain valuable free exposure

August 16th @ 4 PM EST
Instructor: Brandon Doyle
Special Guest: Jeremy Knauff

Aug 23
The Bad & the Ugly of AI & ChatGPT

Let's explore the dark side of this fast-emerging technology from ethical, to legal, to way worse that can affect our lives going forward.

August 23rd @ 4 PM EST
Instructor: Craig Grant

Aug 3o
Creating the Perfect AI Prompt

Learn how to craft the right prompt to get the results you desire & get the most out of AI tools like ChatGPT

August 30th @ 4 PM EST
Instructor: Alex Camelio

Sep 6
Leveraging Technology to Build Good Habits & Increase Productivity

Learn things you can do to maximize each minute of each day to boost your business.

September 6th @ 4 PM EST
Instructor: Warren Dow
Special Guest: Christina Miller CEO of Agent REmind

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